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Our Peer Mentors

are our 'pot of gold'

Council Employment Programme for young people means...

'We were due to leave school and were not sure what we wanted to do. Each of us had a lead professional - for example, a career coach, youth worker or scoial worker who helped us to set up our Activity Agreement with a Learning Plan.

From age 16 we were all entitled to apply for Educational Maintainance Allowance (EMA). If you are eligible, the amount is £30 per week.

The benefits of being on an Employment Programme include having support in our work experience placements and time to think more about what we might like to do with our futures.

So while we are learning and gaining lots of experience, we are having a taste of working life as we prepare ourselves for moving on.


the meeting place

we also engage young people who are in transition or have left school and are unsure of their future career path into employment, further education or training.

We take pride in giving young people the opportunity to -

  •  develop in the role peer mentor 
  • build confidence 
  • be valued as a member of our team
  • work alongside our adult learners 
  • experience integration, equality and inclusion
  • share their existing skills and develop new skills
  • update their CVs to include their experiences with us and the repertoire of skills they have aquired during their placement

You may be able to receive an Educational Maintenance from search engine -

If you're staying on at school or signing up to an Activity Agreement and you will be 16 before 28 February 2022, you may be eligible for education maintenance allowance (EMA) of £30 per week. You can complete your application online

On Highland Council website you can find out more, here is some information from the site...

An activity agreement is a plan of learning and activity which an advisor will help a young person put together, so when they are ready they can move on from this to further education, training or employemtn. It can include volunteering, short courses, supported learning and practical experiences. Each agreement is individually tailored to the person. 

In Highland, Activity Agreements are targeted at young people who may need extra support to find work, training or further education. This includes young people who:

  • have additional support needs
  • skipped school or were excluded
  • have been in care or had support from a social worker
  • look after someone else at home
  • tried college or a job and didn't manage to keep going

have other problems that make it difficult

How to get an activity agreement

If you are interested in an activity agreement, you should contact your careers advisor, guidance teacher, youth worker or social worker. They will make sure a personal advisor works with you to set up a learning programme that meets your needs.